Radio humidity measuring system with pump control

Radio humidity measuring system

Humidity and temperature are measured in two depths and sent by radio to the SunDrops-Control control unit.

This evaluates the data and controls either solenoid valves or the pump.

SunDrops-Control control unit

Permanent Function control

The status of the irrigation can be monitored either on the computer or smartphone, anywhere and anytime.

The sector switching or the pump can also be controlled manually via the web interface.

Many trips to the fields are no longer necessary, which saves thousands of kilometers per year.

Function overview

4 sectors can send their measurement data to the main computer, which sends the collected data to our database, to which every customer receives his personal access.

On the SunDrops-Control website all data of the control units are displayed together and clearly.

On request, we can deliver special evaluations forma, that may be required by the Chamber of Agriculture or other organizations.